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Bulk Glass Cleaner

We are the Australian manufacturer of high quality commercial cleaning products, operating for over 20 years and committed to getting our cleaning formulas perfect for our commercial customers, including our bulk glass cleaner. Our range of products extends from hand wash to toilet cleaner, bulk laundry detergent to antibacterial hand wash. If you’re looking for commercial quantities of cleaning products like high performing glass cleaner then you can now purchase your cleaners direct from us at wholesale prices.

Our locally based manufacturing plant in Sydney, New South Wales, is where it all happens. That’s where we make our glass and window cleaners, toilet cleaner, dishwashing liquid and floor cleaner, as well as the rest of our superior cleaning solutions. We have just launched our range of products online meaning you can now buy every product you need for either commercial or domestic uses direct from the local Australian plant. We’re very excited to be able to sell our complete range direct to individuals and businesses, offering fast and reliable shipping direct to your door anywhere in Australia for items like our multipurpose spray.


Where to use bulk glass cleaner

Unlike other store bought cleaners you can buy at your grocery store, our commercial glass cleaner is designed and formulated for exceptional results. It’s high performing, reliable and trusted by professional cleaning firms all over the country. When you use the Oomph bulk glass cleaner, you’re using a tried and tested cleaner trusted by the experts to get the job done every time.

Regardless of whether a glass cleaner is designed for domestic or commercial use, they should always be capable of cutting through dirt, dust and grime, as well as leave a sparkling finish. Glass cleaner isn’t only for just your windows and glass mirrors. For streak free cleaning of stainless steel appliances like your stove, chrome pieces like knobs and detailing, shower screens and vanity mirrors, use our spray and wipe bulk glass cleaner for squeaky clean finish with every use.

There are some household cleaning gurus who will advise using rubbing alcohol and paper towels for the best glossy surface cleaner owing to its quick drying formula and no streak or water spot finish, but we’ve been perfecting our cleaning formulas for 20 years and providing superior products for commercial use. You can trust our glass cleaner spray to leave your domestic store-bought window cleaner in the dust.

If you are one of our commercial customers such as a professional cleaning company, then you will want to know where you can find a reliable and trusted cleaning supplier who can supply bulk glass cleaner in the quantities that you need. For businesses who are trying to purchase locally and looking for Australian manufacturers rather than foreign importers, we are the affordable and local supplier who is committed to ensuring you receive top quality products, first class service and reliable supply.

The Oomph range of cleaning products also includes a range of alcohol hand wash designed to be tough on dirt and germs but gentle on the skin, making it an ideal hand wash for regular use by everyone. You can also purchase our toilet cleaner and cream cleanser products when you purchase items like dishwashing liquid as well as bulk dishwashing powder and bulk laundry powder. Complete your entire domestic cleaning supplies shop online and access wholesale prices on your bulk orders.

As a domestic householder on the hunt for a one stop shop where you can buy every household cleaning supply that you need, switch to online shopping and save valuable time and effort, as well as money. Keep your home stock levels up on every product that you regularly use and save yourself a time consuming and expensive trip to the supermarket. Rather than searching the empty shelves of your local shops and grocery stores for bulk hand wash, you can now head straight to the online store that has everything you need ready and waiting to be dispatched.

To start shopping today, simply search for our glass cleaner and more and start picking your cleaning items quickly and reliably. Fill your online cart with bulk glass cleaner as well as everything else you need to keep surfaces clean and sparkling to ensure that you’re always protected with a high quality sanitiser both while you and the family are out and whenever you are at home. Our commercial dishwashing liquid is designed for commercial uses, but it works just as well, if not better, in your own domestic kitchen as well. Save yourself the trip to the shops and the hard work of dragging your heavy cleaning products around. Shop quickly, easily and get everything you need in just a few minutes by choosing to buy your cleaning products online from Australia’s trust manufacturer.

Order your bulk glass cleaner online today and enjoy fast delivery direct to your door, anywhere in Australia. We offer quick and reliable metro deliveries and we’re always trying to ensure faster and faster deliveries elsewhere around the country. Buy direct from the Australian manufacturer when you buy from Oomph.

If you need industrial cleaning supplies, please contact our customer service team at hello@oomphclean.com.au

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