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Bulk Laundry Detergent

OOMPH and the clothes are like new

At OOMPH, we sell bulk laundry detergent that removes stubborn dried-in stains. Whether your family is large or small, the process of washing clothes can seem never ending. Thankfully, gone are the days when hand washing was the only option. These days, many clothes can be safely washed in your washing machine, but you need to ensure you use a reliable and effective laundry detergent. That’s where OOMP laundry liquid comes in! With our laundry detergent, you can have clean washing the first time, every time. It is never a nice feeling when you get a big stain on the front of your favourite top, but OOMPH laundry detergent is very effective at removing stains. Whether it’s from greasy food or oily skin, you count on OOMPH laundry detergent to get rid of tough stains. Whether you have a front loader washing machine or a top loader washing machine, OOMPH laundry detergent is suitable to use in either one. And, our bulk laundry liquid can be used in either hot or cold water and it is made right here in Australia.

Buying bulk laundry detergent online will mean you’ll have enough laundry liquid on hand to tackle any washing that comes your way. And when you do run out, the great news is that if you live in Sydney or Melbourne metropolitan areas we offer a same day service. If you place your order before 12pm, we can get your bulk laundry liquid out to you on the very same day. As well as meaning you will run out of laundry liquid less often, buying in bulk is also a very economical way to shop. OOMPH sell other cleaning products in bulk too including bulk hand wash, bulk glass cleaner, bulk dishwashing powder, bulk dishwashing liquid and more. Buying in bulk is particularly beneficial for large households or your workplace. Or if you live in a smaller household, you could consider buying a bulk order and splitting it with your friends. That way, you can all save money. And we offer free delivery on orders over $250.

Many people prefer using laundry liquid rather than laundry powder as the main ingredients are pre-dissolved, and it comes in an easy to pour container. You can simply pour the required amount into your washing machine and let the laundry liquid do the cleaning for you. But whether you use a liquid or a powder comes down to personal preference. If you are someone who prefers using a powder, we also sell OOPMH bulk laundry powder.

We don’t just look after your laundry needs. In addition to bulk laundry detergent, OOMPH sells a wide range of other household cleaning products too including floor cleaner, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, cream cleanser, dishwashing powder or dishwashing liquid. Whether it’s for the kitchen, bathroom or laundry, we supply cleaning products for every room in the house. As well as keeping your house clean, it’s also important to keep your office or place of work clean too. From commercial dishwashing liquid or commercial toilet cleaner to commercial glass cleaner, our commercial cleaning products will ensure your workplace remains clean and fresh. At OOMPH, you’ll find superior cleaning products all at affordable prices. Whether you are at home, at work or out and about, it is important it is to wash your hands with hand wash regularly. Our 5L hand wash is a great size so you can make sure you always have antibacterial hand wash available in your home for you and any of your guests.

By buying bulk laundry detergent directly from us, the manufacturer, not only will you save money by cutting out the middleman but you’ll save on waiting time too, as it can be delivered straight from our warehouse in Sydney directly to your door. At OOMPH we think you’ll struggle to find any effective cleaning products much cheaper, but if you do find a lower competitor’s price (including GST and delivery) on in stock items ready for same day delivery, we’ll beat it by 10%. That’s our lowest price guarantee! Our friendly sales team love to help, so if you have any questions about our bulk laundry detergent or any other OOMPH cleaning products, please get in touch. You are welcome to give us a call on 1800 065 326 between 9am to 5pm (Sydney time) on weekdays, send us an email at hello@oomphclean.com.au or contact us via our live chat or social media pages. Although we think you’ll love our bulk laundry liquid, if for some reason you do want to return anything, you can send your products back within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

We have been making powerful cleaning products for over 20 years, so you can trust us with all your cleaning needs. And shopping online makes shopping easy, and you can avoid the long queues. Simply add what you need to your cart, check out and sit back and wait for your OOMPH range to arrive at your door wherever you are in Australia. If you order your bulk laundry detergent today, you’ll have your washing done in no time. There is nothing better than a big pile of freshly washed clean clothes!

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