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Commercial Dishwashing Liquid

Whether you work in an office, in a retail shop, at a school or in any other workplace, keeping your surroundings clean is essential, and one of the most important areas to keep clean is the kitchen. At OOMPH, we sell a superior commercial dishwashing liquid that will help ensure your dishes are cleaned properly the first time, every time. This biodegradable dishwashing liquid is highly foaming and cuts through even the toughest grease. Using OOMPH dishwashing detergent will mean your plates, mugs, cutlery and glasses will be sparkling clean in no time. Having been making powerful cleaning products for over 20 years, you can trust that our commercial dishwashing detergent will work effectively. Our cleaning products are all manufactured in Australia, so by purchasing your commercial dishwashing liquid from us, you’ll also be supporting local business.

Dishwashing liquid, also referred to as dish detergent or washing-up liquid, is ideal for hand washing your crockery, glassware and other items. When you’re sharing a kitchen at the office, it’s good to clean up as you go along so you’re not left with a big pile of washing up at the end of the day, or worse still, dishes still being on the sink the next morning. And as there may be many of you using the same plates and cutlery, you’ll want to make sure it is all cleaned thoroughly with commercial dishwashing detergent between uses. If you are lucky enough to have a dishwasher machine at your workplace, we also sell bulk dishwashing powder. Using oxygen technology, OOMPH dishwashing powder has glass protection and is great for removing stubborn tea stains that can build up on cups and mugs over time.

The recent global pandemic has meant not only workplace cleanliness is of upmost importance, but regular hand washing is essential too. You’ll need to ensure you always have plenty of hand wash on hand, which is why we sell OOMPH 5L hand wash. Our antibacterial hand wash is formulated to kill germs as well as being gentle on your skin. It is important that you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. As well as selling commercial dishwashing liquid and hand wash, we also sell a wide range of high-quality commercial cleaning products for general surfaces, glass, bathrooms, toilets, floors and more. For example OOMPH glass cleaner leaves glass, windows and mirrors shiny and streak-free so it’s perfect to use around the office. From multipurpose cleaner, commercial glass cleaner and floor cleaner to commercial toilet cleaner and cream cleanser, we have every room and surface in your business premises covered to keep your workplace fresh and clean.

We know most businesses these days are on a tight budget. By cutting out the middleman and buying your commercial dishwashing liquid and other cleaning products directly from us, the manufacturer, means you can buy it all at very affordable wholesale prices. In fact, at OOMPH we are so confident of our low prices that we offer a price guarantee. In the unlikely event you find a lower competitor’s price (including GST and delivery) on in stock items ready for same day delivery, we’ll beat it by 10%. When you are taking care of a business, you have enough things to do without constantly ordering cleaning products. That’s why we sell our products in bulk. Not only will it save you money by buying in large quantities, but it also means you’ll run out less often. As well as selling bulk dishwashing liquid, we also sell bulk glass cleaner, bulk hand wash, bulk laundry detergent, toilet cleaner, bulk laundry powder and more.

Shopping for your commercial dishwashing detergent and all your other cleaning products online saves you time and money. No more standing in long queues or carrying heavy bottles! If you’re based in Sydney or Melbourne metropolitan areas and you place your order by 12pm your cleaning products will be delivered on the same day and you’ll receive a live tracking link so you can see exactly where your order is in real time. And if you spend more than $250, delivery is absolutely free. You can become part of the OOMPH family by setting up a business account. Our business accounts have two payment options – purchase order or company credit – so you can choose the method that suits you best. Setting up an account saves you time as you can save your ‘favourites’ for easy repeat ordering. Getting commercial dishwashing liquid delivered to your door is only a few clicks away.

When it comes to cleaning, we know you can’t cut corners. Shop online at OOMPH to get effective, high performing cleaning products delivered directly to your door anywhere in Australia. We’re sure you’ll be very satisfied with our high-quality commercial dishwashing liquid, but if for some reason you wish to return anything, you can return our products within thirty days for a full refund.
If you have any questions about your commercial cleaning needs, you can call us on 1800 065 326 during business hours Monday to Friday, email hello@oomphclean.com.au or contact us online.

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