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Floor Cleaner

We have been manufacturing powerful cleaning products right here in Australia for over 20 years including high performing floor cleaner that gets the job done right, first time and every time. We know what our customers need, and we’ve been perfecting our formulas and finely tuning our supply services to ensure that we’re always delivering the best quality products at affordable prices, delivered fast and hassle-free. Managing a successful manufacturing process and consistently delivering the highest quality multipurpose cleaners to our commercial and professional customers got us thinking about who else could benefit from direct to public wholesale prices across our variety of cleaning products. We realised that the Australian public stood to make the biggest savings so now we are selling direct to the public through our extensive online store. That means that you now get to benefit from bulk cleaning prices and quantities for not only your commercial spaces but also your own home.

With our extensive experience supplying our commercial customers across the country, we’ve finely tuned our formula to develop the best performing cleaning products like our heavy duty floor cleaner. Whether you’re searching for a reliable floor cleaner for large spaces like office floor cleaning, warehouse cleaning and showroom cleaning, or you’re looking for a heavy duty cleaner for use around the home, Oomph has a tried and tested formula that consistently eliminates dirt and grime from a wide range of floor surfaces. A little bit of oomph is usually all it takes to keep surfaces, including floors, clean and free of grease and grime.

What surfaces does the Oomph Floor Cleaner work best for?

When searching for a reliable floor cleaner, the first question you need answered is what surface requires which type of cleaner to deliver consistently sparkling results and clean, healthy surfaces free of dirt and stains. The Oomph range of floor cleaner has been specially formulated to work across a variety of common floor surfaces for use in both commercial and domestic settings. Our range of products have been previously manufactured for use in commercial workplaces, so we have developed our formula to deliver crisp cleaning power across lino floors, sealed hardwood floors, other sealed floors and glazed ceramic floors, including polished concrete and tiled floors.

Our floor cleaner has been specially designed to maximise its ability to cut through tough grease and remove dirt with ease so you can reserve your own personal oomph and rely on the cleaner to do most of the work for you. For heavily trafficked areas like hallways, entranceways and living spaces, you can rely on our cleaning power to keep your surfaces looking, smelling and feeling clean and germ free. For harder working surfaces like outdoor decks and garage floors, you need a floor cleaner that can get the job done quickly and easily. You need some Oomph.

Keep your home fresh and clean every day with hardworking heavy duty floor cleaner perfect for use throughout your kitchen, your bathroom, communal traffic spaces like tiled hallways, wood floor living areas and even bedrooms. Use our one-stop-shop floor cleaner throughout your home for a streak free and sparkling finish every time.

The Oomph range of floor cleaner in the bathroom offers you superior floor cleaning power with the ability to cut through dirt and grime that usually builds up along grout surfaces, like the seals between tiles in the shower. These are the hardest working spaces in your bathroom, servicing the entire family every single day. There’s nothing worse than stepping into a bathroom marred by dirty grout and tile surfaces. Soap scum and other products can quickly and easily build-up in hard to reach places throughout your bathroom and everyday domestic cleaners can sometimes struggle to shift old stains and grime. If you’ve been waging a war on your floors and tiled surfaces with domestic cleaners and losing the battle, then we have good news from the Oomph team.

High strength cleaners, are specially designed for use throughout the commercial cleaning sector which is always in high demand of the best and most heavy duty cleaning products. A professional cleaning business requires the best products and in bulk sizes to maintain the highest levels of services for every customer. Why wouldn’t ordinary Australian households also benefit from public access to the same high performing cleaners and handy sizes? Well, now you can. By buying direct from the manufacturer in Australia you are purchasing your floor cleaner and other cleaning products like glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaner and toilet cleaner from the trusted supplier of heavy duty cleaners.

Buying in bulk has always been the best way of making the most savings on anything you regularly purchase. Cleaning products are always in hot demand and often sold out in grocery stores when demand is really high. When you buy direct from Oomph, you can purchase absolutely everything you need to keep your house running at peak efficiency without wondering whether your local store has what you need in stock. You don’t even need to leave your home to get what you need. We don’t just have the best floor cleaner on the market, we also have a complete range of cleaning products available to order in bulk quantities that are delivered direct to you, whether that’s your suburban home, urban apartment or your business premises.

Order direct from us for everything from bulk hand wash to domestic hand wash quantities for use in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry. Purchase antibacterial hand wash capable of destroying 99.9% of germs with every wash. Our cream cleanser products are gentle, non-abrasive cleaners perfect for using on water-resistant hard surfaces including stainless steel, chrome, enamel and glazed ceramic tiles. If you have a ceramic basin and sinks throughout your home, use our cleanser to keep them sparkling clean and their surfaces streak and scratch free.

Keep your laundry fully stocked with bulk laundry detergent and bulk laundry powder. Rather than regularly buying and lugging home your dishwashing liquid, order everything you need to keep spaces clean directly from the Australian manufacturer. By ordering in wholesale and bulk quantities, you can save money immediately and ensure that you always have plenty of what you need ready to hand when you need it.

If you’re a commercial cleaning business seeking reliable surface cleaner products to help your workforce keep spaces spick, span and consistently sparkling, then we have a range of products you can purchase directly from the Australian manufacturer at bulk prices. Our products are delivered in bulk sizes which ensures you have what you need in the right quantities to respond to your customers’ demands, especially during peak cleaning seasons when everybody needs access to reliable, hardworking cleaning businesses who get the job done right every time.

Order directly from Oomph, the Australian cleaning supplies manufacturer, to save on your cleaners, including alcohol hand wash, and get what you need to keep your workplace, your home, your school – any space at all! – clean and sparkling . We ship Australia-wide with fast metro delivery available in all capital cities. Order now. If you need industrial cleaning supplies, please contact our customer service team at hello@oomphclean.com.au

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