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Glass Cleaner

We are Australia’s trusted supplier of high quality cleaning products, including our glass cleaner, and we have been for over 20 years. Our complete range of surface cleaners have been honed to perfection over the years to ensure that we’re only delivering the best performing formulas for every type of surface and every kind of space. Commercial cleaning companies have been enjoying our bulk quantity ordering and wholesale prices for years and it is high time that we opened our manufacturing plant direct to the public. So, that’s what we’ve done. We’re now expanding our services from beyond simply supplying products like our commercial glass cleaner and bulk hand wash to our business customers and now offering multipurpose cleaners and other cleansers direct to the Australian public to buy. The best part? We don’t have a shop front, so you purchase our products including hand wash and bulk glass cleaner, direct from us online and we arrange fast delivery straight to your location. It’s quick, simple and available in wholesale quantities of products like antibacterial hand wash and dishwashing powder, which ensure you have what you need, when you need it every time that you clean.

When it comes to glass cleaner, whatever cleaning solutions you ultimately choose must offer streak free windows and sparkling surfaces, not just clean glass. That’s non-negotiable. When a window has been properly cleaned, the surface is clean, clear and spotless, completely streak free. There are so many old wives’ tales out there proclaiming the best – sometimes the only – way to keep surfaces like glass mirrors and windows clean but as the trusted manufacturer and supplier of cleansers, we know that the real power is in the formula of your window cleaner. To that end, we’ve developed a formula available as glass cleaner spray for both domestic and commercial customers that delivers a spotless and shining finish that you can rely on with every use.

Of all the windows in your home, the windows in your bathroom and your kitchen are usually the areas that require most of your attention. Rooms like your kitchen are usually high traffic areas and the centre of your home cooking. Cooking fumes and steam tend to settle on surfaces on and around your cooking areas, including windows close by and other appliances with high quality and shiny finishes like stainless steel doors and chrome accents. Stainless steel looks amazing in a kitchen, offering a crisp and clean commercial look but it’s sometimes a real struggle to keep it looking amazing and often the cleaning time or maintenance will affect a homeowner’s decision to install stainless steel or chrome appliances. What if we told you that you can have that crisp and stunning look at home or in your commercial spaces without having to worry about the constant cleaning battle to keep it looking so good? What if we told you that using a little bit of Oomph glass cleaner every now and then will help you keep your stores of elbow grease high and replenished for the jobs and activities that you actually love doing instead?

Of the advice available for maintaining a spotless look and feel in spaces like your kitchen and bathroom, using rubbing alcohol seems to be one of the most popular tips and we know why. Isopropyl alcohol is among the most common active ingredients in glass cleaner because it air dries quickly and leaves a streak free finish behind. Alcohol is highly evaporative, which is why it’s also used in products which require a quick and effective cleaning power with no oily or moist residue left behind. Use our glass cleaner on a range of surfaces, including high gloss surfaces which should shine brightly after cleaning. No elbow grease required, just the oomph in our highly effective formulas delivering commercial quality cleaning with every spray.

In your kitchen, particularly around your stove, you want a glass spray that works every time that you use it with minimal effort from you and your elbows. There’s nothing worse than slaving over a labour of love like an excellent family meal only to pause and recognise the devastation that you have wreaked all across your surfaces, including your benches, fridge door, kitchen cupboard handles and your stove and oven. Not pot was left unturned in your mission to deliver a hearty and scrumptious meal and while you were in the midst of creating, every possible space and utensil was used. The meal was delicious, there’s no disputing that, but now comes the less than stellar second part of the process – cleaning up everything and putting it away.

While the clean up job is nowhere near as exciting as your culinary creative exploits were, you still need to clean up when you’re done. What you want is a glass cleaner and dishwashing liquid that cuts your cleaning time in half and delivers a consistently excellent cleaning result. You can rely on the manufacturers of commercial cleaning products to know what they’re doing when it comes to cleaning power. Our business customers need to know that every spray bottle that they purchase from us, every cream cleanser and floor cleaner, every toilet cleaner and commercial dishwashing liquid, will offer fast, reliable results which don’t leave streaks behind or increase the human labour needed for sparkling cleaning services. And, that’s exactly what they’ve come to expect from our complete range of high strength cleaning products. Now you can enjoy commercial cleaning power at home for all of your home cleaning needs and the access to wholesale and bulk quantities which ultimately save you money in the long run. Ensure you have plenty of cleaning products always on hand by choosing to order your domestic and commercial cleaning products online and direct from the Australian manufacturer.

Use our glass cleaner in the bathroom to leave shower screens and windows brilliantly shining, as well as vanities and mirrors glowing. The laundry will look brand new again with our glass cleaner actively removing water spots to leave only a stainless surface behind after every clean. Shop for your complete cleaning needs, including toilet cleaner, bulk laundry powder and commercial dishwashing liquid, all online. Save yourself the trip to the grocery store and the back-breaking work of lugging your cleaners home with you afterward.

Order online from us, the commercial cleaning suppliers and our range of products to enjoy fast and reliable delivery direct to your door. We ship Australia-wide with fast metropolitan delivery times available for our customers located in capital cities. Get your glass cleaner and other high strength cleaning products online from Australia’s trusted manufacturer of cleaning products for over 20 years. We’re here to ensure that you have everything you need, when you need it, to keep your home, your office, your warehouse clean and healthy for you, the whole family and your staff. Order online now. If you need industrial cleaning supplies, please contact our customer service team at hello@oomphclean.com.au

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