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Multipurpose Cleaner

As the trusted manufacturer of cleaning products in Australia, we have perfected our multipurpose cleaner and complete range of cleansers previously available to purchase in commercial quantities only for professional cleaning firms throughout the country. We are excited now to release our high quality cleaning formulas direct to the Aussie public, making not only our wholesale quantities of multipurpose cleaner and other cleansers, including glass cleaner and toilet cleaner, available to every householder to purchase, but also releasing our range in handy sized bulk domestic quantities too. You can order online direct from the manufacturer based in Sydney, New South Wales, and enjoy fast metropolitan deliveries as well as reliable delivery to your door Australia-wide. Buy your multipurpose cleaner from the business who knows what cleaning oomph really is. Buy your surface cleaner and cream cleanser for the makers of the best cleaning products in Australia direct from our online shop today.

The best multipurpose cleaner on the market

What makes the best multipurpose cleaner on the market? Multipurpose cleaners were created to simplify your cleaning products and increase the power of a single cleanser that does it all. Instead of filling your cupboards with a hundred different 750ml bottles of a range of so-called hospital grade disinfectant, you can instead reach for a single spray bottle containing a special formula that breaks down tough dirt and grease in every room of the house. Effective household cleaning means that you can trust your cleaning products to not only attack and remove the dirt and grime that you can see, but also ensure that surfaces are healthy, destroying the germs that you can’t see as well.

A good multipurpose cleaner works nearly everywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom, to the living room and even works for cleaning surfaces inside your car. Multipurpose cleaners should be pleasantly fragranced, using scents that aren’t overpowering but which ensure that rooms are left smelling clean and fresh after every clean. While products like a toilet cleaner are specially designed for keeping toilets clean and fresh, multipurpose cleaners are made to be used everywhere. You should be able to spray your multipurpose cleaner on your dining table as well as use it to keep your fridge doors, stove tops and laundry benches crisp and clean too. Surfaces that benefit the most from a cleaner like this include glass surfaces, tiles and lino, appliances and even spot cleaning on walls and other similar surfaces. The role of your multipurpose cleaner is to seamlessly move from room to room delivery high performance cleaner power on a day to day basis.

Of course, you will need the occasional specialty product for bigger or tougher cleaning jobs like the annual spring clean or for more demanding environments like workplaces and spaces. We have you covered there as well. As an Australian manufacturer of superior cleaning products designed for use by commercial cleaning companies, we have created a full arsenal of cleaning power for both daily and domestic use as well as specialty jobs. For deep cleaning jobs, you can rely on our selection of commercial glass cleaner and toilet cleaner, as well as our antibacterial hand wash available to purchase in 5L hand wash quantities at the end of your cleaning spree. Bulk hand wash can be easily stored around the home, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that you will also have a refill available to hand without having to making a special trip to the store for stocking up.
No deep cleaning of the home or office is complete without a high grade floor cleaner. Floors are the hardest working surfaces in any building, taking the daily traffic of people, pets and equipment without taking into account accidental spills and other messes. There is the dirt that we can see and then there is the dirt and germs that we can’t see, and our products like our toilet cleaner and multipurpose cleaner are designed to attack both with equal force and reliability, first clean and every clean after that.

The demands on commercial toilet cleaner and commercial glass cleaner are a lot higher than on the range of domestic cleaning products like your ordinary multipurpose cleaner that you’ll find in a grocery store or your local shops. To ensure that our commercial customers were only ever purchasing the highest performing products they could rely on to ensure that every expert and professional cleaning job was more than just up to snuff, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our formulas are high acting and reliable. Why would you ever need any other cleaner when you can now buy online from the manufacturer who has specialised in heavy duty cleaners for over 20 years?

And it’s not just multipurpose cleaner but also other targeted cleansers like our gentle cream cleanser that we have available to order. Cream cleaners are gentle on surfaces but harsh on germs and dirt, targeting stubborn stains and dirt without being an abrasive cleaner. Use our cream cleanser on all kinds of surfaces including ceramic sinks and stainless steel pots and pans and appliances. When cleaning sensitive surfaces, apply our cream cleanser directly on to the object or a soft cloth and gently rub the affected area in small circular motions. The cream cleanser is designed to gently break down the dirt and grime that your targeting, making it quick and easy to wipe off and rinse. There’s no residue left behind, just sparkling clean surfaces. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning sensitive surfaces, using the type of cleanser and cloths that they recommend.

When it comes to maintaining the highest standards of personal hygiene – especially hand hygiene – you can’t go past our antibacterial hand washing products. We have alcohol hand wash available in a range of sizes, including commercial quantities, now available to order online for use by everyone. Keep clothes fresh and clean with bulk laundry powder available to buy online for both domestic and commercial use. Why buy any of your cleaning products on your grocery shop at all? Have your dishwashing liquid and bulk laundry detergent delivered direct to your door from Oomph and enjoy fast, reliable shipping. No need to lug your heavy cleaning products from the store to the car and then the car to your house. No need to nip out at lunch to refill the hand wash. With Oomph, you can browse our complete range of products online, order from the comfort of your own home whenever you want, and enjoy your bulk deliveries at wholesale prices without having to lift a finger.

Use your own personal oomph for the projects and the activities that you love to do and save the heavy cleaning for us to worry about. Our range of cleaners, including our multipurpose cleaner, has been carefully created for commercial environments and now available for every household in Australia to benefit from. Order online now. If you need industrial cleaning supplies, please contact our customer service team at hello@oomphclean.com.au

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