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Antibacterial Hand Wash 5L


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OOMPH ANTIBACTERIAL HAND WASH is formulated to kill germs and be gentle on your skin.

Ideal for use in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry.


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5L Hand Wash

We are very excited to launch our range of commercial cleaning products online where we are finally able to sell direct to the Australian public at wholesale prices across our entire range of cleansers and sanitisers ready and waiting to be dispatched. Oomph is your local Australian manufacturer of multipurpose cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner and hand wash, among many more high strength cleaners and sanitisers. That means that when you buy products like our toilet cleaner and cream cleanser online from us, you’re buying locally in Australia, supporting local business and manufacture, and you’re also getting the best bulk prices for every household and commercial cleaner that you need.

The recent global pandemic has seen strong emphasis placed on strict hand washing routines and getting bulk 5L hand wash has been difficult to come by in the quantities most Australians have been looking for to ensure they remain fully stocked and prepared. To follow the recent guidelines about maintaining high levels of hand hygiene, it is important to wash your hands with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds with a strong foaming lather. Once we have a thick and foamy layer of hard working hand wash then it’s time to rinse with warm water and then dry off using a hygienic hand dryer or disposable paper towels which can be safely thrown away after use, minimising the need touch multiple surfaces with freshly cleaned hands.

It’s believed that this time scrubbing your hands ensures that the natural oils on our skin, particularly on and around our fingertips, are effectively removed and washed harmlessly down the drain. It’s within these oils that germs and bacteria tend to cling, often in ways that we are completely unaware of. When we lift our hands to touch our faces or other objects in our environment, we run the risk of transferring those germs and that bacteria to other surfaces, spreading them through our communities. Leave our hand working antibacterial hand wash at convenient sinks throughout the home and the workplace to help remind everyone to maintain a strict hand washing routine as regular as is practical.

While ordinary soap and water is an effective cleaner on its own, why not use an antibacterial hand wash to make extra sure that you’re not only washing away germs and bacteria but that you’re also using a potent formula designed to actively destroy 99.9% of germs that it comes into contact with? Our 5L hand wash is an effective formula designed to be hard on germs and gentle on the skin, making it an ideal daily hand cleanser safe to use by everyone as often as they need to use it. By buying bulk hand wash, even for just your regular household, you’re ensuring that you have a solid supply of antibacterial liquid cleanser on hand whenever you and your family need it. You can ensure that your hand wash refills never run out with bulk order quantities always on hand around the home and you save time, effort and money by choosing to buy online and have your order delivered directly to your door.

For our commercial customers seeking bulk quantities of our 5L hand wash, order online with ease and save time and money by cutting out the middleman and buying direct from the Australian manufacturer. We’ve opened our supply up to both domestic and commercial buyers who need quality cleaning prices in wholesale quantities and at the most cost effective price possible. While we don’t have a shopfront that you can visit, we keep our overheads low by selling directly through our online store to all of our local customers and we’re always striving to improve delivery times. Our manufacturing plant is located in Sydney, New South Wales, and we ship directly from our premises which means that metropolitan deliveries are fast and reliable when you order any of our products online, and we’re able to deliver to anywhere in Australia.

We don’t only supply large order hand wash, either. Our commercial quantities are available in glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, commercial glass cleaner and commercial dishwashing liquid. You can also purchase bulk dishwashing liquid and bulk dishwashing powder online and in the quantities that you need to keep commercial premises like restaurants and cafés fully stocked with plenty of cleaning products, ensuring everything you need is on hand when you need to use it. By choosing to purchase your hand wash and other cleaning products directly from the Aussie manufacturer, you’re also choosing to buy locally and support Australian businesses.

Order your 5L hand wash as well as the rest of your cleaning needs like dishwashing liquid and bulk laundry liquid online right now and enjoy fast metropolitan delivery to every Australian capital city. We deliver Australia-wide and we’re always searching for ways to ensure we can deliver as quickly and reliably as possible. Forget the supermarket and switch to online shopping, choosing Australia’s trusted manufacturer of quality cleaning and sanitising products to supply you with everything you need to keep your home, your school, your office as clean as possible.

If you need industrial cleaning supplies, please contact our customer service team at hello@oomphclean.com.au