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Antibacterial Hand Wash

Antibacterial hand wash is among the most frequently sought after hand wash in Australia and it’s not hard to see why. Why settle for ordinary soap and water when you can ensure that your hands are not only clean of dirt and grease, but also germ free as well. Antibacterial soap is a specially formulated sanitising soap which has all the grunt and oomph of ordinary soap with the added benefits of germ killing power.

Recent events around the world have demonstrated how important a strict and thorough hand washing routine is for everyone and you can increase the effectiveness of your hand hygiene by employing the tough on dirt and hard on germs Oomph antibacterial hand wash available to buy online and direct from the Australian supplier. We have been the trusted manufacturer of commercial cleaning products in Australia for over 20 years, carefully developing our complete range of products to deliver the highest performing cleansers and sanitisers for our commercial customers. Now, however, we’re opening the e-commerce doors of our local plant in Sydney, New South Wales, direct to the public. You can now purchase everything from antibacterial hand wash to 5L hand wash quantities, as well as glass cleaner and dishwashing liquid, direct from the manufacturer. That means that not only do you receive wholesale prices, but you can also buy antibacterial hand wash in bulk with confidence.

As part of our commitment to help stop the spread of germs, we have all been asked to be extra vigilant about things like our hand hygiene and our communal spaces. Using antibacterial soap as an everyday hand cleanser is an important step toward helping to stop the spread of germs through our community. Commonly touched surfaces while we’re out and about can quickly become breeding grounds for a whole host of germs. When it comes to washing our hands, we have been asked to lather up our antibacterial hand wash and then scrub our hands for at least 20 seconds until warm water. This ensures that all of the natural oils we hold on our hands, particularly on our fingertips, are thoroughly cleaned and any germs hiding in them are harmlessly washed down the drain.

For general householders around Australia, finding bulk size antibacterial hand wash can be a struggle. That’s why we’ve made the shift to sell direct to the public, cutting out the middle man and ensuring that both our commercial and our domestic customers have access to the cleaning products they need to ensure that their homes, their workplaces and any other shared spaces remain as clean as possible.

While you’re shopping for our hand wash online, you might be surprised to learn that you can also pick up your toilet cleaner and your floor cleaner while you’re at it. Save yourself the trip to the supermarket and lugging your cleaners all by yourself. Browse the Oomph range of glass cleaner, cream cleanser that is gentle on sensitive surfaces but hard on dirt and grime, as well as dishwashing powder and a whole host of commercial quality cleansers now available to order in handy domestic sizes too.

Everyone knows that you ultimately save money in the long run when you buy commonly used items in bulk like cleaning products. Quite often you’ll find that the hiked up supermarket prices for common household cleaners are so high to cover the supply and shipping costs for smaller quantities. Both manufacturers and consumers save money over the longer term when they buy commercial sized quantities because it’s more cost effective to sell in larger volumes than it is in smaller ones. Because it might be hard at times to find things like antibacterial hand wash, particularly when everyone in Australia is searching for them too, purchasing your own personal or commercial supplies in bulk and ahead of time ensures that you retain a good supply at all times.

But it’s not only antibacterial hand sanitiser and antibacterial hand wash that’s on offer from Oomph. Over the years we have perfected a complete range of cleaning products so you can order bulk hand sanitiser as well as bulk hand wash with your bulk laundry powder and dishwashing liquid. For business customers, you can purchase commercial dishwashing liquid as well as a range of cleansers in bulk and direct from the manufacturer, saving you money over the long term. Purchase everything you need from glass cleaner and alcohol hand wash through to toilet cleaner directly from the Australian manufacturer, ensuring that you’re buying locally from the highest quality suppliers. If you own and run a small business like a local shop or restaurant, then now is the best time to get in on the ground floor and ensure that you have access to everything you need in one go. Save on shipping and supply costs by ordering your bulk hand wash and large sanitiser online along with your bulk laundry detergent and multipurpose cleaner, perfect for keeping public surfaces clean and your shop open and operating.

Throughout times of peak demand for cleansers like antibacterial hand wash, it’s also easy to settle for a harsh cleanser that, while doing the job and killing 99.9% of germs it comes into contact with, tends to leave the skin on your hands dry and sometimes even irritated. Our antibacterial hand wash has been especially formulated to be effective against germs, but also to remain gentle on skin with regular use. When placed in spaces like a commercial kitchen, bathroom and laundry, an antibacterial hand wash needs to be soft enough for everyone to use as often as is practical. Our formula does exactly that. It’s tough on germs, killing 99.9% of germs on contact, but gentle enough to use every day and by everyone.

Order your supply of antibacterial hand wash in both commercial and domestic quantities. Do your complete cleaning shop online and save yourself time, effort and money by choosing quality cleaning products from the manufacturers who have been perfecting their high strength cleaners for over 20 years. We offer fast metro shipping to every capital city in Australia and we’re always looking for ways to speed up our delivery times to everywhere else in the country too. Shipping direct from our plant in Sydney, you can enjoy quick and easy online ordering for our entire range as well as prompt and reliable delivery directly to your door.

Choose Oomph antibacterial hand wash and cleaning products to save your elbow grease for your labours of love instead of the housework. Our products are designed to do the heavy cleaning for you so you can sit back and enjoy a fresh, clean home every day. If you need industrial cleaning supplies, please contact our customer service team at hello@oomphclean.com.au

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