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Cream Cleanser 5L


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OOMPH CREAM CLEANSER is a versatile, non-abrasive cream cleanser that cuts through stubborn grime and stains with ease.

Suitable for use on water-resistant hard surfaces such as stainless steel, chrome fixtures, enamel and glazed ceramic tiles.


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Cream Cleanser

We are Australia’s trusted manufacturer of high quality cleaning products, including commercial cream cleansers originally designed for industrial use but now available to order direct from the Australian manufacturer. You can buy our entire range of industrial strength cleaners from our online store and enjoy whole quantities at affordable prices, cutting out the middle and buying straight from the plant that made your cleaning supplies. We service our customers with a complete range including cream cleanser designed to be gentle on surfaces but hard on dirt and grime, as well as other common household products like glass cleaner, hand wash, bulk hand sanitiser and dishwashing liquid.

Anyone in search of antibacterial hand wash or hand gel sanitiser in recent times will have known the struggle to find commercial hand sanitiser available in the quantities that they needed them. Recent events around the globe have demonstrated how reliant we are on the germ killing power of common cleansers like bulk hand wash and alcohol hand wash, and how easy it is to run out of these necessary products. By opening our doors direct to our commercial and domestic customers, we are seeking to redress those supply issues. We offer our total range of products from 1L hand sanitiser to 5L hand wash, bulk laundry detergent and industrial toilet cleaner, direct to anyone who needs them. You can enjoy fast shipping direct to your door as well as wholesale prices and bulk quantities. Ensure that you never run out of the bare essentials again and buy your next load of cleaning supplies in bulk.

A cream cleanser is a particularly vital cleaning product designed to be as useful as a multipurpose cleaner but slightly more gentle and formulated specifically for sensitive surfaces like ceramics, stainless steel and other surfaces prone to scratching or damage when more abrasive cleaners have been used in the past. A good cream cleanser will come out of the bottle thick but pliable and easily spreadable over the surface you need to concentrate on without becoming runny and watery. For spot cleaning on surfaces like the stove top, leave your cream cleanser to settle on the area you are cleaning for a few moments before using a soft and non-abrasive cleaning sponge. Work the cleanser gently and slowly in small circular movements to gently lift stains or other grime. Use a clean, wet cloth afterward to wipe away any excess cleaner and enjoy the sparkling clean surface left behind.

Cream cleansers can be used just about everywhere throughout the home and office. In the kitchen they are particularly good on stoves, inside ovens and even used on pots and pans. Matching the right type of cleaner for your pots and pans is extremely important as some surfaces are not designed to take all types of cleaner. If you are unsure whether the cream cleanser or our other cleaners are ideal for your type of pots and pan, then always check with the manufacturer for more details. Most good quality pots and pans will come with extensive cleaning instructions, advising how and what type of cleaner will be best for cleaning.

A cream cleanser is also ideal for use in the bathroom and laundry, or wherever you have tiled surfaces and grout. Being a gentle cleanser, it’s capable of gently lifting dirt and stains with a small amount of elbow grease. In fact, when you’re using a cream cleanser it’s always better to be soft and gentle rather than hard and unforgiving. Our cleaning products have been specifically designed for use by commercial cleaning companies, so we have spent time perfecting these formulas to ensure that the individuals using them need to use as little personal grunt and oomph as possible. Great cleaning products should do all of the heavy lifting for you, ensuring that you can quickly and easily spot clean and deep clean when you need to. Whether it’s a quick once over in the kitchen and bathroom or a full spring clean, you can rely on our range of cleaners to help you get the job done right without the back breaking scrubbing. Buy floor cleaner and spray cleaner along with your cream cleanser in one quick and easy order.

If you’re shopping for a good quality cream cleanser, then you’ve found the Australian manufacturer of a complete range of cleaning products that we have been perfecting for our commercial customers for over 20 years. That means that our entire range of products have been specially formulated for industrial cleaning jobs – you don’t get much more oomph than that!

Buying your cleaning products in bulk saves you time, effort and money over the long run, and choosing an online supplier who delivers fast and direct to your door is just the smarter option. You can now do your complete cleaning products shopping online from the comfort of your own home or office and enjoy reliable delivery directly to you. No more lugging heavy commercial quantities of cleaners from the store to the car and the car to your house. Let us do some heavy lifting here for you too but delivering your next household or industrial cleaning order straight to your door.

Order cream cleanser as well as toilet cleaner and your hand sanitiser refill from the one stop shop for quality Australian cleaning products and hand sanitiser supplier. We are Oomph, supplying the muscle in your household cleaners.