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Bulk Hand Wash

We are the Australian manufacturer of bulk hand wash and commercial cleansers who are now selling direct to the public through our very own online store. Over the past 20 years we have perfected our range of multipurpose cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner and bulk hand wash to ensure that we have consistently delivering the highest quality cleaning products available for commercial and professional cleaners. We have now decided to open up our plant to the rest of Australia, offering you the opportunity to buy products like our toilet cleaner and cream cleanser online and directly from us. You can now commit to buying locally in Australia and to supporting Australian manufacture, while also getting the most affordable wholesale prices across our entire range of bulk domestic and commercial cleaning products.

Maintaining high levels of hand hygiene has become top priority for not only Aussies but the rest of the world as well. In response to recent world events the official guidelines and advice has been to wash your hands with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds with a strong foaming lather.

The reason for such regular hand washing is related to how we interact with our environment. Ensuring that our hands are thoroughly cleaned as often as it practical is actually to ensure that we are always washing away the natural oils on our skin, particularly on and around our fingertips. It’s within these oils that germs and bacteria are most likely to be living. These germs are then easily and quickly transferred to more vulnerable parts of ourselves, like our face, or to other objects and surfaces that we share with other people in our immediate environment. By washing our hands, we’re doing our part to slow that transference and stop the spread of germs.

Using regular soap and water is an effective cleanser when it’s used on its own but if you have the choice, wouldn’t you want to ensure that you’re using an antibacterial hand wash? When you use something imbued with antibacterial properties, you’re making sure that you’re not only washing germs harmlessly down the drain, but that you’re also using a potent formula designed to actively destroy 99.9% of germs that it comes into contact with.

The Oomph bulk hand wash has been specially designed to be hard on germs but also soft on skin to ensure that it can be used regularly. By buying bulk hand wash, for use around your home as well as work or other commercial premises, you’re ensuring that you have constant stock of antibacterial liquid cleanser whenever you need it the most. You can ensure that your hand wash refills always remain topped up with bulk order quantities easily purchased online and delivered fast. When you buy in bulk and directly from the cleaning supplies manufacturer, you cut out the middleman and any additional costs that they may apply to your cleaning products. You also save over the long term on things like shipping while also remaining constantly stocked with everything you need, having the peace of mind knowing that your cleaning supplies are right there whenever you need to use them.

If you are seeking commercial quantities of our bulk hand wash for replenishing stock for your business like a cleaning firm, then you can save money by choosing to go straight to the manufacturer, and when you choose Oomph you’re also selecting an Aussie grown business which makes their cleaning supplies right here in Australia.

Our commercial quantities are available to order across our complete range of products which includes our glass cleaner, toilet cleaner and commercial dishwashing liquid. Use your company purchase orders for your bulk dishwashing liquid and bulk dishwashing powder bought online, ideal for businesses such as eateries, restaurants and cafés, or order all of your domestic cleaning products and hand cleansers directly from the Australian cleaning supplies manufacturer. Buying your cleansers in bulk quantities not only gives you access to wholesale prices, but it will ensure that you have plenty of what you need on hand when you need to use it.

Buy our alcohol hand wash in just one online order and ensure that you’ve always got access to the hardest working hand cleaning soap that’s tough on germs but gentle on the skin when you need it. Place hand wash at convenient sinks throughout the home and the office, encouraging everyone to regularly wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, building up a solid lather and rubbing hands thoroughly to ensure that the entire surface area is thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with warm water. Hands should be washed after eating and after using the bathroom. During times of peak illness, wash your hands has often as is practical to ensure germs are contained.

Order your bulk hand wash as well as the rest of your cleaning needs including dishwashing liquid and bulk laundry liquid online right now and enjoy fast metropolitan delivery to every Australian capital city. We deliver Australia-wide and we’re always searching for ways to ensure we can deliver as quickly and reliably as possible.

If you need industrial cleaning supplies, please contact our customer service team at hello@oomphclean.com.au

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