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Alcohol Hand Wash

Regular hand washing and good hand hygiene has never been more important than it is right now, so it is essential to make sure that you have plenty of hand wash readily available in your home or workplace. Washing your hands with soap and water is required for at least 20 seconds, but what is the most effective soap or hand wash to use? From alcohol hand wash to antibacterial hand wash, there are so many different types of hand washes to choose from, so how do you decide which is the best one to buy?

Put simply, hand washing products provide two basic functions – one being to clean the dirt off hands and the second being to remove germs. A typical hand wash uses surfactants to pick up the dirt particles from our hands and, when combined with water, this will wash the dirt particles away. There is also a level of effectiveness in removing germs in this way when combined with the physical process of rubbing your hands together. However, if you want to kill the germs rather than just remove them, an antibacterial agent can be added in order to denature the germs themselves.

Alcohol is an effective antibacterial agent and it also evaporates easily from your hands. Because of this, alcohol is ideally suited to be used in a no-rinse alcohol based hand sanitiser which is solely about killing the germs and not cleaning. In a standard alcohol hand wash, the alcohol will breakdown the foam and the foam helps to carry the dirt particulates away from the hands. The concentration level of alcohol required in an alcohol hand wash for an antibacterial affect (which is approximately 70%) doesn’t leave enough room for the surfactants needed to clean dirty hands properly. Therefore it is preferable, where you can, to use a hand wash with an antibacterial ingredient that works in synergy with the cleaning agents rather than an alcohol hand wash.

There are some alcohol-based hand sanitisers on the market that are pitched as ‘rinse-free hand wash’. The problem with these rinse-free alcohol hand wash products is that when you clean your hands the dirt needs to be dispersed somewhere. If you are not rinsing the alcohol hand wash off with water flowing down a drain, then you need to wipe the dirt on to something such as a cloth, your clothes or the next thing you touch. So when the directions on these rinse-free hand washes say to rub the hand wash or hand sanitiser into your hands and leave it to evaporate, it is not going to clean your hands effectively as unfortunately the dirt doesn’t just miraculously evaporate with the alcohol. So for quickly killing germs on the go, an alcoholic sanitiser is the ideal option. But if you need to clean the dirt off your hands as well, then you should wash them with a surfactant based hand wash. If you use a hand wash with an added antibacterial agent such as OOMPH antibacterial hand wash, this will ensure that not only the dirt will be removed, but it will also kill 99.9% of the germs it come into contact with.

In recent times, finding hand wash in large quantities has been difficult, or very expensive. To avoid the fear of running out of hand wash, at OOMPH you can buy bulk hand wash online at very affordable prices. We sell 5L hand wash that is formulated to kill germs while also being gentle on your skin. OOMPH antibacterial hand wash is ideal for use in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry. Not only do we sell hand wash, but we have a range of other cleaning products too, all manufactured in Australia. By cutting out the middleman, you can buy your cleaning products directly from OOPMH at wholesale prices. From toilet cleaner, multipurpose cleaner and cream cleanser to glass cleaner and floor cleaner, if you shop online at OOMPH, you’ll not only be getting high-quality products, you’ll also be supporting local business.

As well as making sure your home is clean, keeping your commercial premises clean has never been more crucial. Whether it’s commercial glass cleaner, commercial dishwashing liquid or commercial toilet cleaner, we sell a range of cleaning products to help you keep your work place clean. And we sell our products in bulk, which not only makes them cheaper but it also means you will run out less often. From bulk glass cleaner, bulk dishwashing liquid or bulk dishwashing powder to bulk laundry detergent or bulk laundry powder, you’ll find all a wide range of cleaning products at OOMPH online. With our warehouse based in Sydney, we can deliver directly to you across Australia, and delivery is free for orders over $250. From corporate offices and retail outlets to schools or work sites, let OOMPH take care of your cleaning product needs.

Order your hand wash and other cleaning products like dishwashing liquid and dishwashing powder online today and they will arrive before you know it. We’ve been making powerful cleaning products for over 20 years, so by choosing us you can rest assured that you are getting high-quality cleaning products for your home, school or office, and they are all proudly Australian-made. If you need any assistance, please contact our friendly customer service team at hello@oomphclean.com.au and we would love to help you.

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