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Oomph hand wash is a specially formulated cleanser designed to be tough on germs, and dirt but gentle on the hands. As the trusted manufacturer in Australia for a range of commercial cleaning products for over 20 years, we have now opened our expert cleaning products and formulas up for the domestic Australian market, delivering heavy duty hand wash and other multipurpose cleaners direct to the public in bulk quantities and at wholesale prices. Whether you are a commercial cleaning firm looking for reliable and high performing cleaning products for your staff or a local Aussie householder searching for the best cream cleanser, floor cleaner and hand washing products, we have what you’re looking for available to buy online now.

Hand washing is one of the highest priorities both around the home and within the workplace. Whether you’re a white collar worker or someone who gets their hands dirty on a regular basis, you want to know that your hand wash is high performing and reliable. Now more than ever there is a massive emphasis on washing your hands with soap and warm water, with recommendations for exactly how to wash your hands coming from places like Australia’s Department of Health. The recommended washing time is about 20 seconds for the best hand hygiene, using soap and water to develop a thick and foaming lather that is scrubbed thoroughly over your entire hand. You should then rinse with warm water and towel dry with a disposable paper towel or use a high performing hand dryer.

Washing your hands should be done before and after eating, after visiting the bathroom and during times of peak illness. It should also be done after interacting with people you don’t live with and after using public amenities or spaces which include public door handles and other commonly touched surfaces. Using a heavy duty hand wash or an alcohol hand wash delivers the best cleaning experience, ensuring that the every nook and crevice is thoroughly cleaned every time you use it. Our hand wash products are gentle on the skin but hard on germs and dirt, doing a thorough cleaning job without leaving the skin on your hands sensitive and dried out. Use our hand wash in all rooms including bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and communal areas shared by multiple people.

Antibacterial hand wash not only keep the skin on your hands clean and healthy, but they actively seek out and destroy 99.9% of germs when you use them. We have known for a very long time that chemicals like isopropyl alcohol and ethanol cleansers are highly effective germ killers as well as the active ingredients used in antibacterial cleansers. Human ingenuity led us toward developing concentrated alcohol protection thousands of years ago when we were trying to keep our local drinking water as safe as possible to regularly drink.

We have a complete range of cleansers available to buy direct from the manufacturer. Our plant is located in Sydney, New South Wales, and it’s from there that we ship our range of toilet cleaner, bulk dishwashing liquid and bulk laundry powder direct to our customers. We’re excited to launch our range of products for sale directly to the public online, delivering our high performing cleaners for every home in Australia to use as well as commercial cleaning companies and firms looking for cost effective suppliers and who don’t want the additional costs of a middleman. By selling direct to our customers, we can offer wholesale prices across our entire range of products. Buying in bulk has always been a great way of reducing the cost of frequently used and restocked products like our range of commercial cleaners made for both use in a commercial setting as well as a domestic one. When you replenish your cleansers in bulk quantities, you save on added costs like shipping and reordering. You also ensure that you have plenty of what you need to keep your home and your workplace clean and healthy.

If you’ve been searching for a glass cleaner that you can rely on to give you professional and expert cleaning results with every use, a little bit of Oomph is exactly what you need. Our bulk glass cleaner is used and relied on by commercial cleaning firms all around Australia and it is high time that you started benefitting from the finely tuned formulas we have created for every one of our cleaning products. For individuals and commercial customers seeking a fool-proof formula that is not only capable of keeping your windows and mirrors streak free and shiny, but also works equally well on stainless steel appliances and chrome accents, order our commercial glass cleaner online today.

Keeping the bathroom clean and sparkling has never been simpler with a toilet cleaner also now available in domestic sizes shipped straight to your home or office. Ensure that public bathrooms and your own personal bathroom remain in tip top cleaning condition, with an glass cleaner keeping showers and vanities clean and our 5L hand wash keeping hands clean too. You can also use our other cleansers, including our cream cleanser, on a range of delicate surfaces where abrasive cleaners are simply too strong. Delivering the same effective cleaning power but with a gentler formula that won’t harm special surfaces, our cream cleaners are ideal for ceramic surfaces like sinks and washing troughs.

Cut through dirt and grime and reduce the chance for unsightly stains and water spots using a range of cleaners developed for high strength cleaning and perfected for use around every Australian home. Order your hand wash, dishwashing liquid and effective surface cleaners online in the size and quantities that you need to ensure you always have a cleaning product to hand when you need them. By ordering online you’re also saving yourself valuable time and labour. Rather than struggling to get everything you need at a local grocery store – and paying through the nose for cleaners only available in smaller quantities – you can shop online at Oomph and access the same high quality cleaning products that professional cleaning firms use at lower prices. You also enjoy having your order shipped directly to your preferred address which means that you don’t have to break your back carrying your cleaning products from location to location. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and deliver to your door everything you need to keep your home or your office crisp, clean and healthy for you, your family and the most important people at your workplace – your team of staff.

Enjoy fast and reliable delivery of your hand wash anywhere in Australia. We’re always searching for better and better ways to get our products to the people who need them and that includes getting the best freight prices and the fastest delivery times that we can. Enjoy fast shipping to metro areas throughout Australia and direct to your door delivery everywhere else. Order online today from Australia’s trusted maker of quality cleaning supplies. If you need industrial cleaning supplies, please contact our customer service team at hello@oomphclean.com.au

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