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Toilet Cleaner

Looking for a good-quality toilet cleaner that is economical as well? You can now buy a complete range of cleaning products, including toilet cleaner, in wholesale quantities directly from the Australian manufacturer. From cleaning supplies for your general surfaces, glass, bathrooms, toilets and floors – we ship everything from our manufacturing plant located in Sydney’s south west in New South Wales. Customers can enjoy fast-shipping to their location anywhere in Australia with super-fast metro shipping a top priority. Our complete range of products has been carefully formulated over the past 20 years to deliver the highest-quality cleaning performance across our entire range. As the trusted commercial supplier of cleaning firms across Australia, we’ve had plenty of time and experience to develop high-strength formulas which offer you the oomph you need for top-quality cleaning.

A clean toilet is an absolute must, whether it’s at home or at the office. Toilets make for the perfect breeding ground for a whole host of germs and bacteria. Regularly cleaning your toilet with a toilet brush can get rid of the visible signs of dirt and grime but it doesn’t get to the nitty-gritty and it won’t ensure that your toilet seat or the toilet bowl rim remains safe and healthy to use. While it’s one of the biggest areas in the home or office that needs cleaning the most, it’s also fortunately one of the easiest spaces to keep hygienically clean with the right toilet cleaner and very little elbow grease.

The complete range of Oomph cleaning products have been designed to do most of the heavy lifting for you, so to speak. We’ve ensured that our formulas deliver superior cleaning power across our entire range so that when you use them, the least amount of physical labour needs to be expended as possible. Our range of toilet cleaner not only thoroughly cleans your toilet seat but disinfects and deodorises it as well, leaving a pleasant aroma every time you enter the toilet.

Even for people with an automatic toilet bowl cleaner, boosting the self-cleaning power of your toilet with a dedicated toilet cleaner proven to be effective and high powered will ensure that your personal throne remains clean as a whistle every time. When it comes to choosing the right toilet cleaner, you’ll find that gel cleaners consistently rate as among the best products for not only ensuring that your toilet bowl cleaning is quick, easy and hygienic but that your porcelain sparkles a brilliant white after every clean as well. While you may not be able to see our toilet cleaner searching out or destroying the nasty germs accumulating in and around your toilet, you can at least see the shining result in the form of a sparkling clean toilet bowl and smell a fresh, invigorating scent that signals a thorough clean and disinfect with every use.

Deep cleaning your bathroom and toilet is important for hygiene reasons and you can easily prevent germs from spreading through your home by investing in quality cleaning supplies. Our toilet cleaner is available to buy online in both domestic and commercial quantities along with our complete range of cleansers. Not just your toilet seat, every other surface inside your bathroom should be clean and spotless as well. You can order our multipurpose cleaner along with your toilet cleaner, ensuring that you have your surface cleaners completely covered. Ideal for use on the bathroom, kitchen benchtops, stovetops, cupboard doors, microwaves, walls, blinds, laminate, stainless steel, vinyl, chrome, tiles, fridges, sinks and more, our multipurpose cleaner can instantly clean stubborn stains, grease and grime with ease. Our cleaners have antibacterial properties and are formulated to kill tough germs.

While you’re browsing our selection of cleansers, ensure you take time to review our range of floor cleaners and cream cleansers as well. Our floor cleaner is soap-free and does not require to be rinsed with water. Suitable for all kinds of floor surfaces such as linoleum, sealed wood, sealed cork, sealed floors and glazed ceramic tiles, this product keeps your home sparkling and fresh. If your floor is water-resistant, don’t worry, Oomph cream cleanser is non-abrasive and perfectly cleans hard surfaces such as stainless steel, chrome fixtures, enamel and glazed ceramic tiles.

If you’re buying your toilet cleaners online from Australia’s trusted cleaning supplies manufacturer, then why not order your bulk laundry detergent from us too. Our laundry cleaners are suitable for both top and front loader machines and can remove tough stains. That’s right, we also make and supply bulk laundry powder and bulk dishwashing liquid so you can purchase all of your cleaning products in bulk quantities at one go.

For business customers, order commercial dishwashing liquid at wholesale prices direct from the plant who made them. Our high-foaming and biodegradable detergent cuts through the toughest grease, leaving the dishes spotless. Our dishwashing liquid is ideal for hand washing the crockery, glassware and other items when you’re sharing a kitchen at the office. Cut out the middle man and save some money by purchasing your complete range of cleaning products including commercial toilet cleaner at a wholesale price.

Having your cleaning supplies delivered to your home or office saves you time, effort and money. Forget the lines and the paltry supplies available at your local supermarket and instead opt for a trusted cleaning supplies manufacturer who has developed the best and most effective range of products over the last 20 years.

During times of pandemic illness, we are all expected to do our part in the fight against community transmission of sickness and one of the best ways to insure against infection is by maintaining a thorough and regular cleaning practice of things like communal spaces, especially where there are multiple surfaces used by a lot of people. Things like a door handle or a doorbell are the perfect places for germs to hide and for stainless steel or chrome handles, glass cleaner is among the best products for leaving streak-free brilliance on every clean.

Other areas commonly used by everyone include taps in public bathrooms, shopping baskets and trolleys, hand dryers, communal fridge doors and communal microwaves. These are among common appliances that we all absently use every day, and among common surfaces that we all most likely to touch throughout a normal day. Keeping them clean and germ-free is the highest priority during contagion and throughout the cold and flu season. By opening our range of cleaning products direct to the public, you can now buy everything you need to keep both your home and your commercial premises clean and healthy for everyone to use.

Order your toilet cleaner online in bulk quantities and save yourself some oomph. Our range of affordable cleaning and sanitising products are available to order when you need them in the quantities that you’re looking for. Our metro deliveries across Australia are super-fast and we’re always trying to speed up deliveries to everywhere else. Order with confidence today and enjoy the Oomph range of cleaning power, made for expert and professional cleaners and now available for everyone to use.

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